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Foyle Capital Management currently offer two different investment funds to clients Virtus and Vigoris. The table below represents an overview and the features of the managed funds available, further information is made available by clicking on the appropriate links within the table. Alternatively, you may click on the fund name and you will be directed to the page specifically created for that fund, containing detailed information on each fund available. If you require live tracking links for myfxbook, just email us at

  Foyle Capital Management - Vigoris Foyle Capital Management - Virtus
Inception Date: May 2012 Nov 2010
Strategy Classification

Highly Active Short Term System using multi-legged positioning with scaling in and out.

Virtus is typically a single position system executing high probability trades. Infrequent yet accurate.

Inception Date: May 2012 Nov 2010
Total Months Trading: 12 31
Factsheet: Download Vigoris Factsheet Download Virtus Factsheet
Performance: View Here View Here
Available Broker(s): Pepperstone, FinFx, Dukascopy IC Markets
Nature of Trading: Short-term Intra-day
Minimum Investment: 10,000 USD 10,000 USD
Gross Return since inception: 70.23% 376.21%
Gross Monthly Return 5.82% 5.22%
Trade Frequency: 160-200 Trades/Month 10-15 Trades/Month
Trade Mechanics: Manual Discretionary Algorithmic Mechanical
Fee Structure: 25% Performance Fee 30% Performance Fee
High Water Mark Policy: Yes Yes
Performance Tracking: Visit Absolute Returns Visit Absolute Returns

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